Revealed: End-of-July AUM for Canada-listed ETFs

Revealed: End-of-July AUM for Canada-listed ETFs

Revealed: End-of-July AUM for Canada-listed ETFs The good times just keep rolling for Canada ETFs as ETFGI, the world’s leading independent ETF research and consultancy firm, reports a 25.3% year-to-date increase in assets invested in Canada-listed ETFs by end of July. This has brought AUM for Canada-listed ETFs to a record $81 billion.

Data from ETFGI’s July 2016 global ETF ad ETP industry insights report show that the Canadian ETF industry in July had 430 ETFs, with 585 listings from 17 providers listed on 2 exchanges.

Canada’s impressive asset levels mirror those seen for ETFs listed globally at US$3.343 trillion, in the United States at US$2.367 trillion, in Europe at US$539.16 billion and in Japan at US$191.82 billion.

“Investor confidence returned during July after the surprising result of June’s Brexit vote. The S&P 500 was up 3.7% in July. Developed markets outside the U.S. gained 5.1% and emerging markets were up 4.8%" said Deborah Fuhr, managing partner at ETFGI.

Canada-listed ETFs managed US$180 million in inflows in July, making it the latest in a 27-month streak of positive net inflows for ETFs. Commodity ETFs accounted for US$66 million in inflows; fixed-income ETFs contributed US$32 million; and equity ETFs saw net outflows amounting to US$75 million.

Looking at inflows from a YTD perspective, net inflows collected by ETFs listed in Canada reached US$8.51 billion. Equity ETFs reached a record level of $US4.15 billion year-to-date, followed by fixed-income ETFs at US$3.55 billion, and commodity ETFs at US$205 million.

The largest net ETF inflows in July went to Mirae Horizons with $147 million, followed by Vanguard with $131 million. RBC Global Asset Management placed third with $US 21 million in net inflows.

As for YTD inflow numbers, BMO Asset Management got the largest record with US$4.16 billion. Vanguard gets second place with US$1.52 billion, and iShares takes third with US$1.25 billion in net inflows.

Eight new ETF products were launched by two providers in July.

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