New Year's resolutions advisors plan to keep

New Year's resolutions advisors plan to keep

New Year

3.  Leveraging technology to meet clients where they live, so to speak, is a growing concern for advisors and a top resolution for 2014.

Look for advisors to evaluate and possibly change their client relationship management systems in the new year, an effort to better manage contacts, e-mail systems and the myriad daily tasks all industry professionals perform.

2. The back office of many firms will also be put under the microscope in 2014 as advisors look to gain efficiencies through the better management of resources.

“Most of the knowledge around client relationships and key processes are in the heads of one or two people, and not documented,” says John Anderson, SEI practice management expert. “How can you expect your office to run smoothly and clients to remain satisfied if you are the only one that can do it?”

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