New platform feature for TD Direct Investing

New platform feature for TD Direct Investing

New platform feature for TD Direct Investing TD Direct Investing has announced the addition of conditional order types to its flagship trading platform, WebBroker. The new order types will provide self-directed investors with more control and flexibility in portfolio management even when they are not at their computers – a first among Canadian bank-owned brokerages, according to a news release.

"Investors look to TD Direct Investing to deliver innovative solutions that empower them to achieve their financial goals, and we're thrilled to be introducing this powerful suite of new order types," said Calvin MacInnis, president of TD Direct Investing. "These are tools that professional traders have enjoyed for a long time, and will be a real game-changer for retail investors."

With the new conditional order types, investors can set entry and exit strategies up-front, allowing greater ease and precision in execution of trading plans. With possible actions ranging from triggering an order to sell at a higher price upon completion of a buy order, to more complex strategies involving active monitoring of market conditions to automate trade sequences that would buffer downside risks or lock in gains.

"The market changes quickly and investors can now keep up  with fully automated, pre-determined trade order executions, rather than making on-the-spot decisions or missing out altogether," said MacInnis. "Whether you're an active trader or a longer-term investor, our offering of these new order types opens up a lot of possibilities to help achieve your investing goals."

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