New exchange now has listings platform

New exchange now has listings platform

New exchange now has listings platform New kid on the block Aequitas NEO Exchange Inc. has taken another step – the launch of a listings platform for capital-raising companies and investment products. It was another important milestone for Canada’s newest national stock exchange.

“We have spent considerable time listening to the capital-raising community and investors in Canada and abroad, to build a listing platform that is aligned with every company’s goal of maximizing shareholder value,” stated Jos Schmitt, president and CEO, Aequitas NEO Exchange.  “We heard loud and clear the burdens and frustrations faced by current public companies in Canada and we are now ready with our competitive solution.”

Schmitt says that the goal is to foster successful public companies by putting their interests first.

“We will do so by ensuring they are truly ready to be public, by giving them access to investors, by enhancing their liquidity and by leveraging a streamlined application process,” he says.

An innovative and cooperative market-making program will focus on providing NEO-listed companies and their investors with real and reliable liquidity, says Schmitt. Real-time market data from NEO-listed issuers will be made available to all users for free, so that NEO-listed companies will benefit from unequalled exposure to investors worldwide.

This data will be available from all major market data distributers and order management systems.  According to a press release from the company, a transparent listing process, with a fee structure based on the actual costs incurred by the NEO Exchange, will reduce the overall cost of going public and maintaining a listing.