Veteran PM tapped to run new Invesco funds

Veteran PM tapped to run new Invesco funds

Veteran PM tapped to run new Invesco funds To aid the growing number of Canadians entering retirement, Invesco Canada has launched two new global funds, to be run by a seasoned portfolio manager.

The Invesco Global Dividend Income Fund and the Invesco Global Monthly Income Fund aim to provide investors with a predictable income stream exceeding that possible from Canadian sources. According to the firm, both funds will benefit from the dividend-investing expertise of veteran portfolio manager Meggan Walsh and her team.

Based in Houston, Walsh is a senior portfolio manager and head of the Dividend Value team at Invesco Advisers, Inc. She and her team manage the Invesco Diversified Dividend Fund and the Invesco Dividend Income Fund, which cater to US investors.

A veteran of the investment industry, Walsh has worked for 19 years as an equity manager, prior to which she spent more than 10 years managing fixed-income securities. She established IAI’s diversified dividend investment process in 2002.

The Invesco Global Dividend Income Fund aims to achieve current income and long-term capital growth; it is focused on investments in dividend-paying equity securities issued by companies anywhere in the world. The Invesco Global Monthly Income Fund, on the other hand, is a global portfolio that aims for an asset allocation of 60% equities and 40% fixed income, gaining its equity exposure via the Invesco Global Dividend Income Fund.

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