WP’s 2022 5-Star Advisors for Quebec and Western Canada revealed

Wealth Professional honours 30 advisors who are guiding clients through uncertainty to achieve their financial goals

WP’s 2022 5-Star Advisors for Quebec and Western Canada revealed

After two years of pandemic lockdowns and manic markets, the world has whiplashed into a new reality of high inflation, rising interest rates, and collapsing asset prices. A sense of unease has seeped into everything, everywhere, all at once, and financial advisors are stepping up to keep clients’ portfolios – not to mention their emotions – on an even keel.

To find the best advisors in Canada's Quebec and Western Canada provinces, the Wealth Professional team undertook a rigorous marketing and survey process.

Investors were asked to nominate their advisors and rate them using a five-point scale, with five being the highest, on six key criteria: communication, portfolio performance, product knowledge, client trust, client knowledge and customer service.

The most voted advisors that received an average score of 4.00 or higher were awarded 5-Star Advisors who are recognized based not on AUM, but rather the service provided to their clients.

To see the full list of Wealth Professional’s 2022 5-Star Advisors for Quebec and Western Canada, click here.

This year’s crop includes 20 advisors from Western Canada and 10 from Quebec. Among those on the winners’ podium, Wealth Professional is showcasing four standout advisors:

Amid today’s choppy markets, clients are entrusting their wealth to competent wealth professionals, who realize all too well the need to rethink the traditional balanced portfolio. “Inflation and rising interest rates are making it very difficult for those who deploy the traditional 60/40 portfolio,” says Martin Pelletier, Senior Portfolio Manager, TriVest Wealth, Wellington-Altus Private Counsel. “People say, ‘stocks go down, bonds go up,’ but rising interest rates and inflation de-link that relationship.”

To sidestep the chaos in public markets, many investors are weighing private markets as an option. But even there, it will take a professional hand to properly navigate the complex and shifting landscape. “Slower growth in the public markets could put a lot of pressure in the private markets as well,” says Joseph Bakish, Wealth Advisor and Portfolio Manager at Bakish Wealth. “Portfolio manager and fund manager selection within the private markets is becoming very important now that growth isn’t a given.”