Would you advise a client to invest in TransMountain?

Survey reveals what Canadians think of the government’s decision

Would you advise a client to invest in TransMountain?
Steve Randall

If you were advising the Canadian government on its financial decisions, would you have backed its decision to invest in the TransMountain pipeline project?

A poll by Angus Reid Institute has found that Canadians are split on whether the government made the right choice or not (37% each) while 26% are unsure.

Of those who think that buying the project from Kinder Morgan was the right decision, 66% said they believe the project will be a good investment for Canadian taxpayers.

Half of those who back the government said it had no choice but to buy the project and 41% thought it was necessary to protect Canada’s reputation as a reliable place to do business.

Around two thirds of those who oppose the decision think that it sets a bad precedent for future resource projects; 42% don’t agree with the project itself; and 39% said that the government paid too much for it.

British Columbia residents mirror the national average on opinions of the government’s decision to buy TransMountain – 38%say it was right and 38% say it was wrong. Half of Alberta residents (51%) say the Liberals got it right while 28% disagree.