Who are the 2023 top advisors in wealth management?

Find out who made it to this year's list of leading wealth advisors

Who are the 2023 top advisors in wealth management?

From rising interest rates and inflation to market volatility and geopolitical unrest, uncertainty means investors are looking for advisors who can navigate challenging economic conditions. In Wealth Professional Canada’s Top 50 Advisors report, we recognize those innovating amid adversity to deliver exceptional results for their clients in any market condition.   

Wealth Professional conducted a Canada-wide survey of advisors, industry professionals, and clients to uncover the leading advisors who achieved excellence. 

The definitive report considers each advisor’s weighted ranking in overall AUM, AUM growth and client growth, and advanced certifications. Beyond the numbers, these top-50 advisors have proven to be leaders, trusted guides, and exceptional in their practice areas.  

To access the list of winners and gain insights into how they maximize the market and provide top-tier service, read the complete report here