Veteran PM reveals keys to decades-long success

John Soutsos, Excellence Awardee for the coveted Portfolio Manager of the Year distinction, unpacks his unique strategies and philosophy

Veteran PM reveals keys to decades-long success

In this edition of Wealth Professional TV, John Soutsos, Portfolio Manager at Med-Wealth Financial of IPC Securities sat down to discuss recently being named an excellence awardee of the WP awards in the Portfolio Discretionary Manager of the Year category. 

Soutsos began by explaining his portfolio strategy which consistently outperforms the S&P 500, thanks to its unique blend of factors. His approach includes a concentrated portfolio focused on growth and defensive stocks, primarily with geographical allocation in the United States. Soutsos also offers a range of model allocations, with the core portfolio at its heart. This 100% equity portfolio behaves more like a 70/30 stock-bond mix, suitable for most investors. 

Soutsos emphasized the importance of communication in maintaining strong client relationships. He maintains constant contact with clients through a weekly newsletter, quarterly or semi-annual meetings, and engaging dinner presentations to introduce clients to the firm’s portfolio models. With the help of his son Alexander Soutsos, who has a background in finance and a CFA Level 1 certification, the two of them have been working hard together to offer the best services and ensure their clients’ satisfaction.

Looking to the future, Soutsos has some exciting new developments to look forward to, including the launch of a new podcast called “Prescribing Prosperity,” featuring guests from various fields. Med-Wealth Financial has also set a goal of expanding the business by 20% in the coming year, as well as the possibility of launching a fund to offer broader investment options. 

To learn more about John Soutsos and Med-Wealth Financial of IPC Securities, click here, to watch the full interview.