Three Canadian ETF heavyweights join the board of CETFA

Representatives from three major Canadian investment managers join the 2023/24 governance for the industry body

Three Canadian ETF heavyweights join the board of CETFA
Steve Randall

Three new members have been elected to the board of the Canadian ETF Association (CEFTA) for 2023-2024.

Prerna Mathews from Mackenzie Financial, Rohit Mehta from Horizons ETFs and Ahmed Farooq from Franklin Templeton join the other 15 members of the board which oversees the industry association whose members represent over 95% of the ETF assets in Canada.

“I’d like to welcome the incoming CETFA Board of Directors and Members. As the Canadian ETF industry continues to exhibit strong growth, the role of CETFA and its highly accomplished membership has never been more important in providing education and advocacy on the usage of ETFs," said Michael Cooke, CETFA Board Chair.

The 2023-2024 CEFTA board of directors

The complete list of board members includes:

Michael Cooke (Chair) - Independent

Ron Landry (Vice Chair) - CIBC Mellon

Shalomi Abraham (Secretary) - Invesco Canada

David Roode (Treasurer) - TD Asset Management

John Christofilos - AGF Investments

Kevin Gopaul - BMO Exchange Traded Funds

Ahmed Farooq - Franklin Templeton

Rohit Mehta - Horizons ETFs Management (Canada) Inc

Steve Hawkins - Independent

Yanic Chagnon - Manulife Investments

Prerna Mathews - Mackenzie Investments

Mark Neill - RBC Global Asset Management

Kathy Bock - Vanguard Investments Canada Inc.

Tracy Chenier - CIBC Asset Manager

Ted Kelterborn - CI Financial

Steven Leong - BlackRock

Alan Green - Scotia Global Asset Management

Andrew Clee - Fidelity investments Canada