The fight against investment fraud is increasingly digital

Canada’s securities regulators are investing in new technology

The fight against investment fraud is increasingly digital
Steve Randall

Sophisticated tools that recognize the rise of digital transactions and the globalization of investments are key to the enforcement efforts of Canada’s securities regulators.

In its latest Enforcement Report, the Canadian Securities Administrators has set out how it’s working to keep investors safe from ever-evolving risks.

This involves cross-border collaboration and investment in technology.

“As our world becomes increasingly digital, enforcement of securities laws must also evolve,” said Louis Morisset, Chair of the CSA and President and CEO of the Autorité des marchés financiers. “This year’s Enforcement Report shows that by deploying sophisticated investigative tools and techniques and by continuing to strengthen our connections – with each other, global enforcement partners and other regulators – we are keeping pace with emerging trends in Canada’s capital markets.”

Among the highlighted enforcement activity in 2019/19 are:

  • 42 cases involving collaboration between CSA member jurisdictions;
  • 100 cease-trade and asset-freeze orders issued;
  • 63 individuals banned from participating in the capital market;
  • 12 offenders received a combined 36 years of jail time under the Criminal Code; and,
  • 46 Investor Alerts issued to warn the public about possible investment scams.

Sharing best practices with securities regulators in other countries has become increasingly important and this collaboration has included advancing the multijurisdictional response to emerging pump-and-dump threats as part of the Cross-Border Market Fraud Initiative and hosting global representatives at the annual Insider Trading and Market Manipulation Conference.

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