The ETF for millennials

Looking to draw in millennial clients? One ETF may grab their attention

What are millennial investors looking for? Dangle the carrot of huge modern names like Facebook and Amazon in front of them and you might just get them interested: and now it can be done via one ETF.

According to a CNN Money report, the Global X Millennials Thematic ETF has been designed specifically to appeal to this younger group of investors.

Of course the likes of Facebook and Amazon are popular with baby boomers too: but this ETF has some other attractive features aimed at the younger generation.

Its holdings are based on an index that is periodically updated and it includes two real estate focused companies that are responsible for investment trusts within its top 10 holdings in the form of Equity Residential and AvalonBay Communities – designed to be ideal for young people who are holding back from making their first home purchase.

Other top 10 names in the ETF include PayPal, Expedia and LinkedIn. According to Jay Jacobs, the director of research at Global X, speaking to CNN, the ETF represents the big picture trends for the generation – including their willingness to move around and their tech savvy.

He also points out that the ETF will evolve over time to reflect how they grow up.