The Canadian lounge is back at the Coachella of wealth conferences

Q Wealth Partners announces their returning Partnership with Future Proof in Southern California, and the second year of the Canadian (Tiki) Lounge activation

The Canadian lounge is back at the Coachella of wealth conferences

The Future Proof Festival doesn’t feel like a wealth management conference. Over four days in September, the open-air event in Huntington Beach, California feels more like a music festival than an industry symposium. That’s intentional.

Event organizers took their queues from Coachella and Glastonbury, not a regional sales conference in an airport Park Hyatt ballroom. The idea behind the event is to offer a fun environment, a place for disruptive thought and communication, and a forum for North American advisors and industry professionals to hear from thought leaders. It’s that uniqueness and sense of disruptive fun that attracted Q Wealth Partners to the Future Proof Festival.

That’s why Q Wealth is hosting the Canadian Tiki Lounge, the event’s premier evening activity. A space where hundreds of advisors from across North America gather to chat, hang out, and eat some In-N-Out burgers while the sun sets over the Pacific Ocean.

Jared Rabinowitz, executive and founding partner at Q Wealth, and Stephen Gasparek, chief marketing officer & executive partner at Q Wealth, shared some insights as to why they’ve been participating in the Future Proof Festival since its launch in 2022. They explained what they get out of the event and shared what will be on offer at the Q Wealth hosted Canadian Lounge.  

“There’s a shift going on in the financial industry and Future Proof gives you an insight into this that no other event can,” says Rabinowitz. “You can go to a fintech conference, you can go hear from Vanguard or BlackRock about investments, you can go to pure play human-centric advice events, but Future Proof puts it all together. You get a sampling of everything and you hear from thought leaders who are imagining what table stakes in this industry will be ten years from now.”

Rabinowitz and Gasparek both stress that what makes Future Proof different is that the event packages that crucial thought leadership in a wrapper of genuine fun. There are no rubber chicken lunches or dull cocktail hours. It’s t-shirts and shorts on the beach, open air talks, and concerts — Third Eye Blind was just booked to perform.

Even the networking is intentionally designed to avoid the endless sales pitches that advisors get at events like these. Through a ‘speed dating’ program, attendees can quickly get matched up with people who are of greatest interest to them. Because the event brings together professionals from the US and Canada, it also offers a great opportunity for Canadian advisors to learn what their US counterparts are doing. They see the disruptive and fun environment at the conference as reflecting their own approach to the wealth management industry.

Rabinowitz and Gasparek’s sentiments about the event were echoed by Christine Rodrigues, Senior Vice-President and Chief Operating Officer, National Bank Independent Network, Q Wealth’s lead parner.

“We are thrilled to be supporting Q Wealth and sponsoring the Canadian Lounge at Futureproof this year,” Rodrigues says. “Last year, the Canadian Lounge was a vibrant hub for networking, sharing ideas, and getting to know fellow Canadian wealth managers. This year promises to be even better! We look forward to welcoming advisors back to the lounge for another year of meaningful connections and fun.”

Gasparek and Rabinowitz explain that they operate the Canadian lounge to fill a much-needed evening event slot at the festival. They’ve created a space to hang out, chat, and eat some In-N-Out burgers delivered directly to the lounge. They bring hundreds of Canadian advisors and partners through the lounge in an event that Gasparek describes as a “real community builder.”

“It's really collaborative. It's community building and it doesn't feel like it's a pay to play kind of show like most of those conferences,” says Gasparek. “You really come away seeing some of the most interesting people speak and not to mention we run the best nighttime event at the Canadian lounge.”

The Future Proof Festival will be held in Huntington Beach, California from September 15-18, 2024. You can register to attend here.