Tech may be sexy but financial services are still sizzling

Financial sector among the most attractive for students

Tech may be sexy but financial services are still sizzling
Steve Randall

They may have quirky workplaces and talk about changing the world but the tech sector is not the only one that’s attractive to young adults.

Canada’s banks and other financial sector companies are ranking highly alongside the likes of Google and Tesla in a survey of the most attractive employers.

RBC and TD both make the top 10 (at 5th and 8th respectively) in the ‘business’ category of Canada’s Most Attractive Employers 2019. And ‘Big Four’ accountancy and services firm Deloitte and EY take 4th and 9th spots respectively.

Google, Apple, and Amazon are the top 3 with Air Canada and Microsoft completing the top 10.

Employer branding firm Universum surveyed 20,676 students from 162 universities and colleges across Canada.

“This next generation of graduates will have a tremendous influence on Canadian employment trends, which is why understanding their preferences and career goals is so critical for employer branding and recruitment efforts,” Jason Kipps, Managing Director of Universum Canada explained.

The strong showing for RBC and TD in particular highlights the investment in talent recruitment that these firms have made over the years.

Kipps says that Canadian firms often lag their US peers in creating attractive employer brands and aligning them with what appeals to upcoming talent.

“But this year we’re seeing an incredible upswing for the Canadian banking industry, which has put a lot of effort behind building strong

company cultures and communicating the opportunities they can offer,” he said.

With high employment, graduates have a wide choice of companies so it’s important that employers are speaking to their needs.

These include compensation and a desire to work for companies that make a difference. Interestingly, diversity and inclusion is not something that helps employers stand out among young adults – because they expect that to be the case.

Global appeal of financial services
And they reflect a wider global trend identified by Universum.

Behind Google’s dominant position, Goldman Sachs, EY, Deloitte, KPMG, PwC, and JP Morgan are all in the top 10 along with Apple, McKinsey & Company, and Microsoft.