Starlight Capital funds hit NEO Exchange

The new funds provide investors with access to publicly listed global real assets

Starlight Capital funds hit NEO Exchange

Starlight Capital has launched the Starlight Global Infrastructure Fund and Starlight Global Real Estate Fund, as well as the ETF series units of the mutual funds. The ETF series units are trading on the Aequitas NEO Exchange.

“We are excited to provide Canadian investors with access to publicly listed global real assets through our concentrated portfolios of high-quality businesses,” said Starlight Capital CEO and CIO, Dennis Mitchell.

The Starlight Global Real Estate Fund trades under the ticker symbol SCGR; it invests primarily in real estate investment trusts and equity securities of corporations participating in the residential and commercial real estate sectors. Meanwhile, the Starlight Global Infrastructure Fund, trading as SCGI, invests in a globally diversified portfolio of publicly listed global infrastructure companies.

With SCGI and SCGR, Starlight Capital has become the tenth ETF provider to be included on the NEO platform. “We are proud to welcome Starlight Capital to NEO as Canada’s newest ETF provider,” said NEO President and CEO Jos Schmitt. “Starlight Capital and NEO are natural partners in that we both leverage the expertise of our experienced management teams to provide value to our respective clients. It’s about applying new and innovative thinking to age-old industries that are rapidly evolving.”

Both SCGR and SCGU come with an annual management fee of 0.9%, which is based on a fixed percentage of the monthly average of the daily series NAV of the fund.


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