Setting the bar for elite wealth management in a niche market

Discover how Thane Stenner of Stenner Wealth Partners built the ideal business to cater to Canada's top 0.1%

Setting the bar for elite wealth management in a niche market

This article was produced in partnership with Stenner Wealth Partners of CG Wealth Management.

In this edition of Wealth Professional TV, Thane Stenner, Senior Portfolio Manager and Senior Wealth Advisor at Stenner Wealth Partners of CG Wealth Management sat down to discuss becoming an awardee for the Franklin Templeton award for advisory team of the year with 10 or more staff. Stenner shed light on the team’s remarkable success and discussed its unique approach to wealth management.

Stenner’s journey in the financial industry spans over 25 years, starting in a large retail practice with hundreds of employees and eventually shifting into a smaller more intimate setting. Stenner exclaims that by niching down and targeting clients with a minimum of $10 million in liquid assets or $25 million in net worth, his team can provide personalized services to Canada’s most successful entrepreneurs, C-suite executives, and family offices.

Stenner and his team understand the value of proactive service, recognizing that many advisors fall short when it comes to client interactions. Stenner Wealth Partners reach out to clients on a weekly basis, offering a strong sense of communication and security during turbulent times. As a result, Stenner Wealth Partners has yielded highly impressive retention rates and helped the team weather recent market volatility.

Over the past 18 months, Stenner Wealth Partners’ proactive client service model and robust investment philosophy have helped protect capital, resulting in a flat performance during a challenging market. Stenner credits this to the team’s defensive stance, holding around 47-48% in cash. Stenner emphasizes the importance of being prepared to deploy capital strategically when buying opportunities arise.

Stenner attributes his team’s success to a combination of factors. A willingness to invest in the business, high standards in hiring, and a passion for serving their clients have all contributed to their success. The team plans to continue its trajectory of success by nurturing their existing clients’ relationships while selectively adding new ones. The team’s dedication to building a strong reputational franchise in the Canadian market remains at the forefront of their strategy.

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