Revealed: Ontario's 5-star advisors

New report highlights advisory excellence in Canada's most populated province

Revealed: Ontario's 5-star advisors

Wealth Professional has just revealed our annual 5-Star Advisors list for Ontario. The list was arrived at after a rigorous survey of clients in Ontario. The list of 32 advisors was selected from over 200 nominations. These advisors were assessed on the quality of the service they provide to their clients and the excellent Over 200 advisors were nominated and whittled down to a recognized list of 32 names.

You can find the full list here.

David Little, senior wealth advisor at Blue Oceans Private Wealth of iA Private Wealth, was one of the advisors named on the list. He offered some insights into how he built his career and business and why he operates a strict model focused on a select group of 300 clients maximum.

“This office is built to make sure that whatever we can do for a client, no matter what it is, we will go to the nth degree to make sure when they go to bed at night, they don’t have to worry about the one thing I look after for them – their finances,” he says. ““I have never had a client run out of life before they ran out of money, and it’s because we have a system that works.”

Little explained that his model is built on flat fee investment portfolios. He wants to drive home that his only incentive is to deliver quality client service. He argues that his work as an advisor means disregarding his own ego and putting the client’s interest first, always.

Tina Tehranchian also works selflessly. The senior wealth advisor with Assante Capital Management Ltd. makes philanthropy planning a core part of her practice. She hosts regular public presentations and information sessions to drive home what can be done with appropriate philanthropic planning.

“With philanthropic tax planning, I can give back to the community and it gives me huge satisfaction to help donors leave multiple times what they would have to the different charities that I work with,” she says. “Many people who come have never thought about leaving a bequest to a charity. It’s an eye-opener.”

Tehranchian says she has helped clients give away millions of dollars in charitable donations. Something that has brought her closer to her clients and helped deepen those relationships in the long-term.