Raising alternative’s profile

In a world dominated by public equity, WP is trying to give some love to private equity

Raising alternative’s profile
Alternative investments usually get short shrift in the investment world, but WP is trying to change that.

For Michael Prittie, portfolio manager and senior financial advisor with Mandeville Private Client and winner of the Best Advisor – Alternative Solutions at the inaugural WP Awards last year, this category is particularly important for the industry.

“It’s a great opportunity to recognize the category of alternative investments and showcase that investment sleeve to others as potentially inclusive in other people’s portfolios,” he said. “That’s one of the great things about having that category is to bring it to the forefront and allow other people to recognize the importance of private equity in a mostly public equity dominated world.

“I was very proud to be nominated first for that category and chosen as the award winner given the competition, which was very stiff.”

Advisors will have their chance to be recognized for their work in alternative investments as well as across 18 different categories on June 2nd at the 2016 WP Awards at the Liberty Grand in Toronto.

“It’s important to distinguish between a top producer and a top advisor,” says Prittie. “I think it’s important and necessary to tell the story. Many advisors are quietly working away doing what’s right instead of easy and are not recognized for that character trait. It’s important to showcase individuals who have excelled in their client interaction and business acumen and putting clients’ interests first.”

This year, the independent jury comprises Deb Abbey, Chief Executive Officer of the Responsible Investment Association; Greg Pollock, President and CEO of Advocis; and Robbie Wildman, Financial Advisor and Past President of Advocis.

“The application process and the requirement to complete the questionnaire and the feedback that is requested from WP helps the judges sort out those that are wannabes from those that are professional,” says Prittie.

Please nominate yourself or a colleague for the Sprott Asset Management Award for Best Advisor – Alternative Solutions or any of our other categories.