Prime Minister working on a new economic plan

Trudeau announces two new strategies set to boost Canadian economy and generate jobs

Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau has unveiled Canada's Adjusted Growth Strategy along with the Investment Strategy. Together these aim to further strengthen Canada’s economy.
The adjusted growth strategy will look at creating more jobs and providing skills-based training while the investment strategy will support a strong economy through high-quality, historic investments, particularly in transit, green, and social infrastructure.
Combined, the strategies aim to boost the job market, strengthen the middle class and help those on their way to joining it.
The Prime minister said: “When the middle class has more money to save, invest, and grow the economy, we all benefit, and I am proud to share a new and positive Canadian vision for stronger growth and investment.”
With ‘transformative’ being one of 2015’s buzz words the strategies are said to be just that allowing for infrastructure investments to improve Canadian lives.
The plans also include the government's new innovation approach which means a tax cut for the middle class and further investments into families with the creation of the Canada Child Benefit. This is said to support the government’s overall objective to create a prosperous Canadian economy and society, and increase living standards of Canadians.