National Bank makes fund changes

The changes will be implemented for two equity mutual fund products

National Bank makes fund changes
National Bank Investments (NBI) has announced changes for its National Bank Consensus International Equity Fund and National Bank Consensus American Equity Fund.

By March 3 or thereabouts, Goldman Sachs Asset Management will replace the funds’ current portfolio manager Fiera Capital Corporation, as well as sub-portfolio manager Validea Capital Management. The investment objective will not be changed. The new portfolio manager’s investment management strategy will be based on three alpha drivers: momentum, valuation, and profitability.
NBI is making these changes in line with its 100% open-architecture structure, under which the funds formulated for its product shelf is managed exclusively by other firms.

Aside from the portfolio management shift, NBI is also creating H and FH series for the two funds; their names will also be changed.
Current Name New Name
National Bank Consensus American Equity Fund NBI SmartData U.S. Equity Fund
National Bank Consensus International Equity Fund NBI SmartData International Equity Fund

The name changes and the creation of new fund series will be completed as of March 3.

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