National Bank announces new ETF portfolios

Following a strong response to its Meritage Tactical ETF portfolios, National Bank Investments expands the product lineup

National Bank Investments (NBI) has announced the launch of two new Meritage Tactical ETF Portfolios.

The Meritage Tactical ETF Portfolios first entered the market in March with an initial offering of three portfolio profiles. Responding to strong demand, NBI has added two portfolios to the shelf: the Meritage Equity Tactical ETF Portfolio and the Meritage Fixed Income Tactical ETF Portfolio.

The portfolios invest in ETFs from six different providers, selected on the basis of NBI’s key pillars. Originally exclusively located in Canada, the providers now include ones in the US, thus allowing for enhanced diversification.

"When combining the Canadian and U.S markets, today's ETF offering represents over 2,400 exchange-traded funds and over 90 providers. It can be a confusing maze for investors,” said Jonathan Durocher, president of NBI. “NBI now simplifies access to ETFs for Canadian investors with an integrated fund-of-ETFs structure – a simple and practical solution considering the current context."

The Meritage Tactical ETF Portfolios spectrum offers five profiles, ranging from a conservative fixed-income profile to a more optimistic all-equity profile. Several teams and experts are involved in the construction of these portfolios, with the objective of devising well-diversified, low-cost investment vehicles. The experts exercise tactical judgment to rebalance the portfolios, which are composed exclusively of ETFs.

NBI has also announced name changes for the three original Meritage Portfolios, which had taken effect on or around August 18. The name changes are as follows:
Original name New name
Meritage Equity Portfolio Meritage Aggressive Growth Portfolio
Meritage Equity Class Portfolio Meritage Aggressive Growth Class Portfolio
Meritage Equity Income Portfolio Meritage Aggressive Growth Income Portfolio

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