Morning Briefing: Markets weigh US jobs, North Korea sanctions

Markets weigh US jobs, North Korea sanctions... Fears over Pyongyang response to sanctions...

Morning Briefing: Markets weigh US jobs, North Korea sanctions
Steve Randall
Markets weigh US jobs, North Korea sanctions

World markets have plenty to consider Monday: Friday’s US jobs data, earnings, a new drop for oil, and North Korea.

This, against the backdrop of concern over the ability of Donald Trump to steer his policy-reform ship through steady waters.

Asian markets closed mostly higher as US jobs data took centre stage amid nervous anticipation of a North Korean response to new sanctions. Australia was among the nations calling for the penalties to be strictly adhered to. Sydney led regional gains as energy, materials and financials closed higher.

European markets are more cautious over North Korea but most major indexes are trending higher. Frankfurt is the exception following weaker-than-expected German industrial production data. Eurozone investor confidence is slightly higher than expected this month.

Wall Street is expected to open higher. Toronto is closed for the holiday.



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China CSI 300

3,726.79 (+0.52%)



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Fears over Pyongyang response to sanctions

More North Korean missile tests and increased tension between Washington and Beijing are likely outcomes of new sanctions imposed on Pyongyang.

"Given increased missile activity this year and past responses to U.N. sanctions, it seems very likely that North Korea will launch a sequence of short-range missiles in the coming days or weeks," Kyle Ferrier, director of academic affairs and research at the Washington-based Korea Economic Institute, told CNBC on Monday.

Analysts are concerned that the cornered Kim Jong Un may respond with a new level of force and irrationality.

However, US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson told Asian leaders Monday that talks are a possibility but only if North Korea ceases all missile tests.