MFDA wants to ensure it’s regulating the right way

Organization launches new outreach program

MFDA wants to ensure it’s regulating the right way
Steve Randall

The self-regulation body for mutual funds is extending the way it determines that it’s doing its job correctly.

The MFDA has launched a new outreach program to engage with members and investors and draw their feedback on a range of matters relating to mutual funds investing.

"The MFDA is committed to engaging in open communication and collaboration with all our stakeholders to assist us in achieving our regulatory objectives." said Mark Gordon, President and Chief Executive Officer. "This outreach initiative will help us in maintaining our knowledge of industry trends, new technology, products and business models to ensure that our regulatory requirements and approach reflect the nature and reality of the changing financial services industry. In addition, this initiative will assist us in identifying risks that pose harm to investors and ways to protect investors that are practical, appropriate and effective."

The program will have three key areas: member outreach, innovation outreach, and investor outreach.

The organization will be contacting members to determine their interest in providing feedback on issues and their preferred method of communication.