In-depth with No. 4 from WP's Top 50 Advisors in Canada

WP gets down to the nitty gritty with number 4 on this prestigious list, as he shares his insights on today's market in a candid Q&A.



Company: Dalakoti Financial & Insurance Services Inc.

Revenue: $2,500,000

No. of Clients: 925

Q. What do you like most about being an advisor?

A: Being an integral part of my client’s lives. Providing solutions for financial problems and realities - preparing them financially to face whatever life may throw at them. Preparing a plan to suit what the client wants and needs and watching those plans materialize through life events of the birth of a child, professional growth, promotions, marriages, teenager pains , growing older, retiring and finally passing away.

Q. What makes a good advisor?

A: A good listener with a balanced and practical approach. The planning approach should take into consideration mathematical realities of a situation and at the same time incorporate the dreams and aspirations of our clients, finding a realistic path to achieving those dreams and aspirations. Creating an achievable financial plan empowers our clients and sets them up for continued success.

Q. What has been the best thing about the last 12 months?

A: Unsolicited positive feedback from my clients is an affirmation that I am on the right track. I think that is by far the best thing that can happen to me in any given year. It did this year, too.

Q. What are your top tips for gaining, and retaining, clients?

A: Empower yourself with knowledge so that you can add value to the services you provide your client. If you don’t do that you are simply an intermediary and can be replaced by another intermediary. Do not mistake the word advisor to mean “salesperson.” I don’t believe one can replace a knowledgeable advisor — a wise client can certainly add to their repertoire of advisors, but will not replace you if you add value. It is very easy to replace a salesperson, though, because they are intermediaries. Be a knowledgeable Advisor.

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