IG Wealth Management makes changes to funds

Financial-services company announces extensive fee reductions as well as strategy changes to portfolio products

IG Wealth Management makes changes to funds

IG Wealth Management has announced changes to its fund line-up that aim to provide enhanced value to clients as well as better flexibility to respond to evolving market conditions.

Effective on or about August 28, the company said annual management fee rates would be reduced for the following funds and series:

The firm has also announced that on or about September 11, the strategy for certain Investors Portfolios will be changed to effectively eliminate their predetermined underlying fund exposures. The change, according to the firm, will allow the mandates to actively shift without the need to provide advance notice to their securityholders.

The affected portfolios include:

  • Investors Income Plus Portfolio
  • Investors Growth Portfolio
  • Investors Growth Plus Portfolio
  • Investors Retirement Growth Portfolio
  • Investors Retirement Plus Portfolio
  • Investors Cornerstone Portfolio

With a more flexible asset-allocation approach, the firm said the portfolios should be able to respond more quickly to dynamic market conditions, while staying in line with their investment objectives.


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