How to get in-the-know about private debt strategies

Private debt strategies have an important role to play in addressing modern portfolio challenges

For Canadian investors, the current landscape is tough. Low interest rates combined with low growth is making good returns hard to find, and with no end in sight, Canadian investors are being forced to seek alternative methods to boost their portfolios. One area that is weathering the current environment well, and offering investors a strong alternative, is the private debt space.
Well thought-out private debt strategies have the potential to provide investors with positives that the standard markets are struggling to achieve, including bond-like features, equity-like returns, monthly liquidity and low correlation to traditional asset classes. Increasingly, investors are looking for new avenues to find diversification, preserve capital and produce income, and many are turning to private debt.
Private debt investments are really taking off amongst investors who are seeking to escape the low yield, high-priced public and private equity markets. For advisors looking to mark themselves out from the crowd and increase their client satisfaction levels, having a strong working knowledge of private debt is essential.
But for many wealth professionals, this is not a familiar area. With that in mind, Sprott Asset Management has announced that it will host a free webinar to offer guidance on the growth and utility of the private debt space, and how retail investors can access it more easily. The webinar, on the 25th October, will outline effective strategies and feature a Q&A with industry experts Scott Colbourne and Ramesh Kashyap.