Here's where Canadian advisors are allocating AUM

Survey also reveals latest insights into advisor careers

Here's where Canadian advisors are allocating AUM
Steve Randall
The average Canadian financial advisor works for a full-service brokerage or is independent, is in their 30s and has been an advisor for between six and ten years.

The findings are revealed in a report from FTSE Russell which also breaks down how Canadian advisors are allocating their assets under management.

Almost 4 in 10 of respondents said that they have AUM of between U$50-100m, 25% have $25-50, 20% have $100-250m, and 17% are managing more than $250m.

Most (70%) said that 50-74% of their annual revenue is fee-based, 30% said that it makes up 75% or more.

How are assets being allocated?
A fifth of advisors say that at least 21% of their AUM is allocated to passive mutual funds, 27% said active mutuals, 37% individual stocks, 23% individual bonds, 12% ETFs, and 12% CDs.

Cash is the strategy used for at least 21% of AUM by 42% of Canadian advisors, 57% said alternative investments, 65% asset allocation funds and 30% socially responsible investments.

Three quarters said that at least 21% of their equity AUM is allocated to passively managed funds, 80% said that this was true of their fixed income AUM.

The full details are available as part of the smart beta survey on the FTSE Russell website.