Get to know Ontario's top advisors in 2023

Discover what makes a successful financial advisor in the province

Get to know Ontario's top advisors in 2023

Canada’s most populous province has a fine cohort of financial advisors, with the best ones recognized in Wealth Professional’s annual 5-Star Advisors Ontario 2023. This year’s winners have remained vigilant and innovative by shifting to digital services and emphasizing risk management and diversification. 

Wealth Professional Canada’s 2023 best advisors are a pool of diverse wealth management experts exemplifying passion, dedication, and commitment through remarkable client service.   

The 2023 report highlights the importance of financial planning and analyzing investment performance to address challenges. The outstanding advisors also shared their insights on scaling businesses, leveraging the latest technology, and adapting to market volatility.  

Among this year’s crop of 5-Star Advisors, Christopher Dewdney of Dewdney&Co. stood out by incorporating pro bono work into practice, participating in coaching and mentorship programs, and prioritizing transparency.  

“The wealth management industry, in general, has been looking for more transparency, which you see with more accountability and putting together plans and having to be more holistic,” Dewdney says. 

Another standout winner was Dillon Garabedian, the senior investment advisor of iA Private Wealth. Garabedian earned recognition by creating a roadmap for clients. "It was reliable, repeatable, overall transparent, and it basically showed the importance of planning why we’re doing these things,” he says.    

Check out the full report here to learn how this year’s best financial advisors in Ontario created successful businesses with high retention and satisfaction rates.