​Fun in the sun: A checklist

What do advisors need to think about before taking time off this summer?

It’s that time of year in Canada. The brutal winter that was is a chilly memory. The sun is shining. Time to get out of the office before the sun-deficiency diseases set in.

For advisors going on vacation—an imperative for maintaining mental health and well-being—it’s important to consider the well-being of the practice on the way out the door.
Victor Godinho, CLU, is a senior financial planner and mortgage agent with VTAG Financial Group Inc. The company has an office in Toronto’s trendy millennial-centric, new west-end neighborhood known as Liberty Village. He is one of the young guns in the industry (see the upcoming issue of WP for more on that). He discusses his vacation strategy with WP.

“As a single practice advisor, when I decide to go on a vacation there are a few steps I take to make sure the practice does not suffer any losses due to my absence,” he says. First, he first look to tie up any lose ends with clients and or cases that are active prior to leaving for vacation. Any unfinished paperwork should be completed and filed away as necessary. Then he runs down his checklist:

1. Send email to all clients informing them of my plans.

2. Inform MGA and or Industry contacts I will be away.

3. Provide my contact details to both clients and industry contacts.

4. Update email to send out of office message.

5. Hope and pray nothing happens.

He typically takes off for four or five days, over a weekend so he is “fortunate” to only miss one to three business days.

What is your routine? Any tips on getting away for a vacay?