Friday Blog Roll

Some online reading from the week that was.

The weekend is here. How about some links to interesting reads from the past week? 

Following up on stories posted to WP this past week, former PH&N stafferm Tom Bradley, has a blog post point out show it is Italy is doing worse than Ontario in terms of bond performance.

This article outlines 25 questions a client should ask a potential financial advisor. How do these questions apply to your practice?

Is this the momentum play of all momentum plays?

The Vatican is importing some Invesco talent to get its ship in order:

Apparently, there will be great demand for advisor practices in the years ahead:

The Federal Reserve has a lock on the economic conversation in the U.S.:

Wall Street's worry: bond sell-off...

Home improvements becoming a bigger part of economy:

Detroiters not letting officials turn their water off:

Questions that need to be answered before Ontario goes ahead with a provincial pension plan: