Far Out Friday: The key to success? Ask the real-life Wolf Of Wall Street

The convicted stock broker shared his insight into how to be a successful, but ethical, salesman during a free webinar this week.

He had Leonardo DiCaprio tell his story in the smash hit movie The Wolf of Wall Street, and now the real deal Jordan Belfort has emerged from the dust of his crooked ways to cash in.

Believe it or not, Belfort is selling a program on how to be a successful salesperson by using what he calls “ethical persuasion”, CBNC reports.

The convicted former broker, who made millions manipulating stock offerings, had very strong views about ethics in a free webinar on Wednesday.

“Success in the absence of ethics…is failure, it’s not success at all,” he said.

Belfort also spoke about becoming a self-taught closer and succeeding by using the right “tonality”, which, he said, gives you control of the conversation.

Insights such as these are now part of a sales program he is selling called Straight Line.

His rules include:
  • You only have about four seconds on a phone call to be perceived as sharp as a tack, enthusiastic as hell and an expert in your field.
  • Be an active listener (“Bill Clinton was the best”)
  • Don’t say stupid s***
During the webinar, which went on for more than two hours, Belfort agreed that he broke the law and completely deserved to go to prison.

“I never felt good. People asked, ‘why did you do all those drugs?’”, he said. “Why do you think?”

Belfort said he views his life as a success having survived addiction, ripping people off, and broken relationships.

Despite still owing his victims nearly $100 million in restitution, he is now getting calls from celebrities to “do lunch."

But no matter: “Buy these books, all the money goes to investors”, Belfort finished.

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