CSI gets expanded credentialing authority

FSRA approves another designation for title use in Ontario

CSI gets expanded credentialing authority

The Financial Services Regulatory Authority of Ontario (FSRA) has taken another step in its efforts at title protection in the province.

The regulator has announced its approval of the Canadian Securities Institute (CSI)'s Designated Financial Services Advisor (DFSA) designation as a credential for Financial Advisor title use in the province.

“The DFSA designation will enable many financial professionals to continue to use the Financial Advisor title under the Financial Professionals Title Protection Framework," Huston Loke, Executive Vice President, Market Conduct at FSRA, said in a statement.

With the announcement, CSI has become the third credentialing body approved for Financial Advisor title use in Ontario. The institute was also recognized as a credentialing body for Financial Planner title use in the province in May, when FSRA approved its Personal Financial Planner (PFP) designation.

“CSI is very pleased to have its Designated Financial Services Advisor (DFSA) approved by FSRA,” said Marie Muldowney, Managing Director, Canadian Securities Institute. “The DFSA™ is being endorsed by most of Canada's leading financial institutions and ensures that Financial Advisors have superior knowledge and skills to provide appropriate advice to address a client's financial situation.”

Under Ontario’s title protection framework, FSRA-approved credentialing bodies are held responsible for overseeing and enforcing the conduct of their Financial Planner or Financial Advisor credential holders. Credentialing bodies are required to have a strict supervision process, as well as a code of conduct under which clients’ interests must be put first.

“By leveraging existing proficiency requirements as well as registration with securities and mutual fund authorities, we are minimizing regulatory burden while helping to promote consistency, professionalism, and confidence among those offering financial planning and advisory services,” Loke said. “The commitment of these professionals to placing the interests of the client ahead of their own, and to continuing education, will benefit the entire industry.”