COVID-19 crisis brings good news to opportunistic investors

Poll finds most investors sticking to the long term and sighting 'incredible opportunities' amid pandemic

COVID-19 crisis brings good news to opportunistic investors

While the coronavirus crisis has left many investment portfolios decimated and worse, many enterprising investors responding to a new poll are choosing to see the bright side.

In a national survey conducted among members of the Angus Reid Forum, Qtrade Investor found that 11% of investors are expecting a quick market rebound.

Another 39% anticipate “incredible opportunities” to buy low, and 29% predicted smart investors will “make a killing.” Male investors were more likely than females to hold those optimistic investing viewpoints.

In the face of volatility and uncertainty in the markets, there’s a lot of temptation to change course. But when asked whether they’ve changed their investing strategy in light of COVID-19, 76% of Canadian investors responded with a decisive “no.”

“With everyone closely watching their investments during this unprecedented time, it's reassuring to see such a significant level of optimism from Canadian investors,” said Christine Zalzal, SVP and Head of Qtrade Investor and VirtualWealth

The survey also found those with over $100,000 invested were substantially more likely to embrace the “long game” than those with less than $100,000 to work with.

Not everyone was confident. At a national level, 48% of Canadian investors polled said the market would need a lot of time to stabilize, while 40% expected many investors would lose money.

A minority of respondents also said they would be extremely nervous (8%) or may never sleep again (17%) should their partner or spouse took charge of their investment decisions. However, a greater proportion of respondents (40%) said they’d be confident if their partner were to do so.


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