Cost of living is Canadians’ biggest worry CBC poll finds

Most Canadians are ‘just getting by’ financially but one in ten are not

Cost of living is Canadians’ biggest worry CBC poll finds
Steve Randall

The cost of living is the most stressful thing for Canadians right now and is a far bigger worry than climate change, health, or crime.

A new poll conducted for CBC News reveals that the cost of living in Canada is the thing that most worries 32% of respondents, beating climate change into distant second place (19%) while health (10%), immigration (8%) and crime (3%) are way down the list.

Cost of living is most worrying for those aged 25-44 and those in British Columbia. New Canadians are less worried about living expenses than they are about finding work.

More than 8 in 10 of those who cited the cost of living as their top concern said it was the cost of basics that are concerning them including groceries and fuel; while more than half said it was housing costs.

The poll has found that 68% of respondents say they are getting by financially while 13% say they are not. A lucky 19% said they do not have to worry about money.

Despite the strength of the labour market with low unemployment and employers competing for the best talent, jobs and the economy came out as the top election issue among respondents.