CIBC expands CDR lineup on Cboe Canada

CIBC introduces a new Canadian Depositary Receipt, broadening its offerings with a total of 55 CDRs now available

CIBC expands CDR lineup on Cboe Canada

CIBC has unveiled a new Canadian Depositary Receipt (CDR), expanding its lineup on Cboe Canada.  

This addition increases the total number of CDRs offered by CIBC to 55, following their introduction over two years ago.   

CDRs offer Canadian investors an accessible way to invest in some of the world's largest companies using Canadian dollars. They are available at a fraction of the cost of the original share price of the underlying reference shares and include a built-in notional currency hedge.  

This feature allows investors to purchase U.S.-listed stocks at an affordable rate while also reducing the currency risk that comes with global investing.   

The newly listed CDR is as follows, along with its Cboe Canada ticker symbol:   

  • Supermicro Canadian Depositary Receipt (CAD Hedged) – SMCI 

This new CDR joins the extensive range of options already available for trading on Cboe Canada.