A global financial services firm just entered the music business

Mastercard has announced the release of its first single

A global financial services firm just entered the music business
Steve Randall

There are plenty of hit songs about money but it’s a rarity for a financial services firm to actually release a song of its own.

But that’s what Mastercard has done as it seeks to redefine how people interact and recall its brand. Creating a strong brand is more important than ever for even the largest traditional financial services brands as fintechs seek to take market share.

The firm is building on its unveiling of a sonic identity – an exclusive melody that it hopes will become as synonymous with its brand as the iconic Intel tune.

“Sound is our next frontier for brand expression and a powerful way for us to reach consumers through the passions that connect us all,” explained Mastercard chief marketing and communications officer Raja Rajamannar.

Mastercard’s sonic melody is integrated at more than 7.6 million payment points worldwide and according to research conducted by the firm and GfK Global, 70% believe it made the transaction and retail environment more trustworthy.

The sonic melody will be incorporated into a songs from up and coming global artists under the guidance of songwriter and producer Niclas Molinder.

The first song, Merry Go Round is from Swedish artists Nadine Randle and debuts today (1/8) at the technology trade show CES. It can be downloaded or streamed via several platforms.

“We’re thrilled to be partnering with Nadine on ‘Merry Go Round’ to integrate the recognizable sonic melody – underscoring the many ways that the branding can be used beyond traditional means,” added Rajamannar.