How tweeting can make you money

How tweeting can make you money

How tweeting can make you money

2.    Keep social media in-house

Pannunzio says the cons of outsourcing social media activities far outweigh the pros:

•    The advisor will have the ability to free up time
•    An outside specialist knows social media better than the advisor
•    A specialist can help the advisor to build his/her brand

•    Loss of company’s “voice”
•    The advisor has relinquished control of what is posted/tweeted
•    Potential exposure to greater risk that the delegated person may say something wrong that could lead to a social media nightmare
•    The advisor will have to pay the specialist

3.    Be Social

The interaction by the advisor with his/her network on social media is more important than building that network.

“A Facebook page that shows the advisor’s involvement with family, community, university or philanthropic activities, enables them to share with clients and prospects the personal side of their life. Ultimately, this will empower the advisor to establish a stronger bond with the target audience's”. (continued on Page 3.)

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