The retirement savings gap

Are Canadian retirees at risk?

The retirement savings gap

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Are Canadians’ retirement plans in a state of crisis? Given rising interest rates, inflation and extreme market volatility, many Canadian retirees may find themselves running out of money prematurely. This "retirement income gap" could mean the difference between thriving and just surviving in their golden years.

Longevity Risk: The Fear of Running Out of Money
More and more retirees are growing concerned that they'll outlive their retirement savings. A premature depletion of assets could force retirees to slash their living expenses or be unable to fund their long-term health care costs. Many of those now in retirement (or on the cusp) are already forced to consider a change to their current lifestyle. According to a recent survey, 55% of those surveyed say their retirement plans have been impacted by current economic conditions.

Source: Scotia Global Asset Management Investor Sentiment Survey

Retirees are worried about outliving their assets


Key Considerations: Remember the “4 Ms”
Taxes, inflation, market swings and untimely drawdowns can all wreak havoc on your nest egg. By focusing on the 4 Ms, you can build more resilient portfolios designed to deliver a consistent cash stream – through bull and bear markets alike.

With Paycheque Portfolios, the focus changes to:

Maximize Cash Flow
By focusing on income-producing assets, investors can create consistent cash flow in order to avoid withdrawals during market downturns.

Minimize taxes
Building a resilient paycheque portfolio requires a special focus on maximizing after-tax cash flow. After all, it’s not what you earn, it’s what you keep.

Minimize the impact of drawdowns
Focusing on cash flow can help reduce the impact of drawdowns, which can quickly erode a portfolio’s value.

Maximize purchasing power
To protect one’s purchasing power – especially during inflationary periods, it’s critical to allocate a portion of one’s portfolio to asset classes and strategies designed to deliver positive inflation-adjusted returns over time.

Introducing the Dynamic Retirement Income Centre
Filled with informative articles, podcasts, videos and more, the Dynamic Retirement Income Centre was created to help advisors and investors build retirement income portfolios to last a lifetime. With this mission in mind, we've centred the content around the four most important retirement considerations: maximizing cash flow, minimizing taxes, maximizing purchasing power and minimizing drawdowns.

Learn more about how the 4Ms can help your clients live their best life.
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