Far Out Friday: McDonald’s to poor employees: Eat less, sell your stuff

Far Out Friday: McDonald’s to poor employees: Eat less, sell your stuff

Far Out Friday: McDonald’s to poor employees: Eat less, sell your stuff

Financial problems are the number one cause of stress for employees, so offering some kind of financial advice service or support can be a great tool for employers.


However, one international giant is under fire over its financial advice page.


McDonald’s employee-only site, called the “McResource Line” offered an article suggesting ways its workers can reduce holiday debt. Screencaps from the site were released by anti-low wage lobby group Low Pay Is Not OK.


The advice site’s input on issues such as saving money and reducing stress includes:

  • Return or sell belongings

“You may also want to consider returning some of your unopened purchases that may not seem as appealing as they did. Selling some of your unwanted possessions on eBay or Craigslist could bring in some quick cash.”

  • Eat less

“Breaking food into pieces often results in eating less and still feeling full.”

  • Work less

"At least two vacations a year can cut heart attack risk by 50 per cent."

  • Complain less

"Stress hormone levels rise by 15 per cent after 10 minutes of complaining."

  • Sing more

"Singing along to your favourite songs can lower your blood pressure."


McDonald's drew similar negative attention earlier in the year when a financial advice site it set up suggested employees earning the average McD’s wage should get a second job or sign up for food stamps to get by.


This week a Walmart in the U.S. drew negative attention for holding a food-drive collection benefiting its own employees.


  • Daniel 2013-11-22 9:30:51 AM
    I don't get it... What is so outrageous about those tips? I see nothing wrong with them. I think people are just reaching for anything to pick at. Perhaps they should heed the "Complain less" advice.
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  • Anthony Gracey 2013-11-22 12:03:24 PM
    How can you be so obtuse? What is so outrageous is that workers give their lives to this corporation that makes billions off their backs and this is the thanks they get? Instead of investing in some ridiculous web site with ridiculous tips, how about paying more money and sharing the wealth.
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  • Gail Marie 2013-11-22 4:35:51 PM
    I happen to agree with Daniel. These are good tips. I am sure if they were just read in an article it would make sense to everyone reading them but because it is McDonalds it seems to have blown out of control. Yes McDonalds makes a lot of money from us and pay their employees low wages, but if they paid them more the food would cost a lot more and do you really think the food from McDonalds is worth more than it costs right now! In many cases working at McDonalds is done by youth who are experiencing their first job. Sure there are those who also rely on McDonalds for their income to support a family and this is not going to happen based on minimum wage rates paid.
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