Far Out Friday: From advisor to movie star

Far Out Friday: From advisor to movie star

Far Out Friday: From advisor to movie star

The money still wasn’t regular enough for a solid income, so Davis occupied himself by teaching students his hobby - mixed martial arts – at a local dojo.

It was near there that he was approached by a man, a would-be director, who was insisting that Davis needed to be the lead part in his satirical comedy and musical, Sell-Out!

“He asked me, had I done any acting? Had I done any singing? Because it was a musical. I was like, ‘Really? A musical? Man, I can’t sing for s*** so we’re going to have some problems getting there’.”

Somehow he pulled it off, and the musical went on to premier at the 65th Venice International Film Festival where it won the young cinema award for alternative vision.

On his return to Malaysia and to keep himself busy, Davis headed back to the comforts of teaching and training at his Dojo gym when luck chased him down yet again.

Promotion officals from ONE FC, a growingly opulent mixed martial arts organization from Singapore, came knocking.

“ONE FC offered me a fight contract. I remember I had that in my hand, and I thought, right, well it’s kind of dangerous, but fighting for them might be good for me. It might increase my brand to have some more fights,” he said. “So I signed the contract and had the fight, and it turned out it was more popular than I expected. Martial arts have been a bigger thing for me than the actual movie releases.”

Nowadays, between fashion shoots, commercials and a fighting bouts, Davis hardly has time to “see the wood through the trees”. But, he said, if life hadn’t thrown him a curveball he’d be another white-collar financial adviser working in an office.

“I would have a job in England. I would probably have found a girlfriend by now – I mean, it’s been 10 years. I’d probably just be settling down, have a house. I’d try my best to do a lot better than that, but I wouldn’t have been enjoying myself as much as I am here.”

If you weren't a financial advisor, what else could you see yourself doing? Tell WP your thoughts in the comment box below.

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