Far Out Friday: From advisor to movie star

Far Out Friday: From advisor to movie star

Far Out Friday: From advisor to movie star One day he lost his job to the biggest bankruptcy case in U.S. history, the next he was a magazine pin-up boy.

Needless to say: It’s been an interesting ride for ex-U.K. financial consultant Peter Davis, who now lives in Malaysia and makes a living as an actor, model and mixed martial arts fighter.

Davis’ story appeared on the MMA Fighting website, which chronicled his bizarre career change.

He was a 26-year-old bachelor making a pretty penny as a financial consultant (see: big ticket mortgages) at a subsidiary of the now defunct Lehman Brothers, when it all came crashing down.

Lehman Brothers filed for bankruptcy to the tune of a whopping US$639 billion, which to this day is still the largest in U.S. history, and Davis was out of a job.

With nothing better to do, he decided to tag along on a family holiday back to his mother’s homeland of Malaysia.

The trip was nearing its end, and Davis, unsure of what to do, asked an old friend for advice.

“He asked me, ‘well why don’t you try doing some modelling here?” Davis said. “I usually dressed in what I could; I wasn’t into any sort of style. Not sharply dressed. I probably had bad hair, but I’ve always had bad hair.”

He gave it a go anyway, and surprisingly it paid off: he suddenly found himself in the business of commercials for global brands like Sony and Nissan, and high fashionistas were giving him a call. (continued)

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