High times for global active ETFs reported

High times for global active ETFs reported

High times for global active ETFs reported ETFGI, the leading independent research and consultancy firm on trends in the global ETF/ETP ecosystem, reported that investments in active ETFs/ETPs listed globally reached a new record high of US$38.19bn at the end of June. This is according to data from their June 2016 global Active ETF and ETP industry insights report.

Record asset levels were also seen at the end of June for US-listed active ETFs/ETPs at US$26.38bn, Canada at US$4.46bn, and Asia Pacific (ex-Japan) with US$1.56bn.

At the end of June, the global active ETF/ETP industry had 272 ETFs/ETPs listed on 17 exchanges in 14 countries. All in all, there were 372 listings, with assets of US$38bn, from 51 providers.

Out of the 272 active ETFs/ETPs, only seven have more than US$1bn in assets, accounting for a combined total of US$17bn, or 45.3%, of global active ETF/ETP assets.

“Markets and investors around the world were engulfed in the chaos following what many saw as the unexpected result of the UK’s June 23rd vote. Volatility was up significantly during the month… There is still uncertainty in the markets due to questions on when and how Brexit changes will be implement[ed] and the many changes happening in UK political parties," according to Deborah Fuhr, managing partner at ETFGI.

Active ETFs/ETPs saw net inflows of US$724m in June. Fixed-income ETFs/ETPs achieved the largest net inflows with US$296m, followed by mixed-asset class ETFs/ETPs with US$247m, and equity ETFs/ETPs with US$145m.

The report also identifies PIMCO as the largest active ETF/ETP provider in terms of assets with US$7.65bn, reflecting 20.0% market share. Second is Source with US$5.13bn and 13.4% market share, followed by First Trust with US$4.80bn and 12.6% market share.

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