Canadian ETF market hits $130.9-billion milestone

Canadian ETF market hits $130.9-billion milestone

Canadian ETF market hits $130.9-billion milestone Just as ETFs are gaining traction worldwide, they are also continuing to grow in Canada.

In its latest monthly report, the Canadian ETF Association (CETFA) said that as of June 30, Canadian ETFs had a total of $130.9bn in assets. The figure reflects a 6.5% increase over the past three months, and a 27.1% rise over the past year.

The assets were spread over 513 funds from 24 providers. BlackRock Canada had the most assets, amounting to around $56.5bn invested in 117 ETFs. BMO Asset Management placed second with roughly $40.9bn over 76 ETFs, and Vanguard Canada was a distant third with around $12bn across 33 ETFs.

The CETFA report’s ranking of the top 20 largest ETFs featured 11 of BlackRock’s iShares ETFs and 9 BMO ETFs. All in all, the top 20 ETFs had a combined total of roughly $52bn in assets.

In terms of asset class, equity ETFs had the greatest market share, accounting for 67.2% of the market. Those exposed to Canadian equities got 28.5% of the total ETF market, and those exposed to US equities had 17.2%.

Fixed-income ETFs had 30.3% market share. Within this sector, the vast majority of assets were invested in those with investment-grade debt exposure, which got 27% of the total ETF market; of the 27%, 12% was in corporate debt exposure, 4.8% was for government-issued debt, and 10.2% had a mix of both.

The rest of the ETF market was divided among commodity, multi-asset class, and currency ETFs.

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