CI Financial hits AUM of $113bn

CI Financial hits AUM of $113bn

CI Financial hits AUM of $113bn CI Financial Corp. ("CI") has reported assets under management of $113.0 billion and total assets of $149.8 billion as of July 31. Both figures represent month-end records for the company.

AUM rose by $3.4 billion or 3.1% in the month of July; year-over-year increase in AUM was $2.0 billion or 1.8%. Total assets grew by $4.7 billion or 3.2% in July, and $4.0 billion or 2.8% year over year.

Average AUM for the quarter-to-date was $111.6 billion, an increase of $2.7 billion or 2.4% compared to the average for the second quarter of 2016. Average AUM year-to-date was $108.7 billion, up slightly from that reached in fiscal year 2015.

The report estimates that 37% of the company’s AUM is from Canadian exposure, and 35% is from the US. The rest is distributed over Europe, Asia, and other geographies, as well as in cash assets.
The company also reported assets under advisement totaling $36.7 billion by July 31, representing growth of $1.3 billion or 3.6% in the month of July and $2.0 billion or 5.8% year over year.

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