Canada-based financial planner scoops top position

Canada-based financial planner scoops top position

Canada-based financial planner scoops top position Reports suggest that a leading Canada-based financial planner is set to take one the leading positions at the Guyana Office for Investment.

Owen Verwey, originally from Guyana but now based in Oakville, Ontario, is expected to become the new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at Go-Invest. Verwey appears to be the leading choice among 36 candidates after Keith Burrowes resigned from the position last year.

Currently, Verwey works for, a company that was formed in 2009 as a leader in the climate change market. It is a project leader in areas such as the renewable energy sector and has more than $1billion of projects under management. Previously, Verwey worked as a finance planner for the Ministry of Finance in Guyana before moving to government administration in the Region of Peel. He also received an MBA from the University of Exeter.

Now he is expected to move to Go-Invest, which attempts to establish, grow and promote businesses in Guyana. It also helps entrepreneurs from around the world with investment opportunities around the country. One of its most significant success stories came last year when it was involved in a project that saw the discovery of hydrocarbons 120miles off the country’s shores: a potentially huge find in oil exploration.

If chosen, Verwey will succeed Burrowes who stood down in June, 2015, amid what he described as unwarranted criticisms. He complained that the Private Sector Commission in Guyana was more interested in throwing criticism at Go-Invest rather than offering considered suggestions as to how the agency could be improved.