Broker faces four years in jail for fraud

Broker faces four years in jail for fraud

Broker faces four years in jail for fraud A broker is facing as much as four years in jail after pleading guilty to defrauding his clients.

Philip E Moriarty II, 47, from Hinsdale, in Illinois, admitted his guilt in federal court as he confessed to an act of wire fraud following allegations made by at least four clients. It is believed he defrauded a minimum of $1.1million from the clients who were investing in his firm.

Originally, Moriarty was facing charges of carrying out wire fraud on six occasions while working as the CEO for First Street Capital Partners and also being the owner of a sports goods company.

According to the prosecution, from 2008-2010, Moriarty tricked four investors by making them believe they were putting money into his sports business. However, in reality, he was using the money for his own personal expenses – which included such diverse activities as a hunting club, golf, a dog breeder and a boarding school.

It is alleged that Moriarty used his position as the owner of First Street Capital to approach individuals. He then falsely informed them that First Street would be acquired by a global investment advisory firm – going as far as to present them with false document to make the case even more convincing. He is also alleged to have made false statements about how much the individuals would be able to make on their investments when in reality the cash was going into his pocket.

In addition, he is accused of running another scheme at Teton Acadia Capital Partners LLC, which has sporting goods stores in Wyoming. It is believed he concealed activities from the other owners of the stores and never revealed that he had solicited investments from several individuals as the money in the bank account went directly to him.

His sentencing has now been set for June 21 with reports suggesting he could face four years in jail. He had been working in the industry as a broker since 1992, but is no longer on the Finra register.