New private equity platform launched

New private equity platform launched

New private equity platform launched Fengate Real Asset Investments has announced its new LPF Equities Fund, which it has initially invested in the Cricket Energy Group of Companies.

With $100 million in committed capital, Fengate will use relationships cultivated through its extensive infrastructure and real-estate sector experience to search for businesses that are fundamentally strong and attractive to invest in. The new private equity fund will scour a targeted range of North American industry sectors for investments in mid-market, growth-oriented operating businesses and strategic platforms.

Fengate recently completed an investment in the Cricket Energy Group of Companies, which delivers residential and commercial energy services. Through its subsidiaries, cricket provides residential water heater and other home-comfort rentals, condo in-suite metering and monitoring, and natural gas and electricity retailing services.

“Our investment in Cricket provides growth capital to a strong management team with an attractive contracted backlog of projects,” said newly appointed Fengate Managing Director and Head of Private Equity Justin Catalano.

Fengate is a real asset investment firm specializing in investment funds focused on infrastructure, real estate, and private equity. Institutional and high-net-worth investors have committed over $2.3 billion to the firm’s various private funds.

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