Advisor fired over Facebook post

Advisor fired over Facebook post

Advisor fired over Facebook post Advisors are embracing the world of social media as a way to promote themselves and build their book.

But, one UK wealth manager may have taken the "updates and tweets" a little too far,.

So far, in fact, that a series of Facebook posts got him fired from Singapore-based investment firm, Crossinvest, and caused outrage across a nation.

After sending his lluxury vehice into the shop, Anton Casey was forced to take public transport and expressed his disgust by posting to Facebook a photo of his five-year-old son with the caption: "Daddy, where is your car and who are all these poor people?"

Another photo showed his son in his Porsche captioned: "Ahhhh reunited with my baby. Normal service can resume, once I have washed the stench of public transport off me."

Within hours Singaporeans, from all walks of life, were attacking Casey and his family, who reportedly fled to Australia. Casey attempted to make amends in a poorly thought-out YouTube video where he told viewers "Don't be angry at me, be angry with your mum and dad for raising you a wuss." (Continued.)

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  • Eric Hunter 2014-01-31 9:05:30 AM
    The guy's a moron but it's ridiculous to fire someone over that slip.
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  • k.c. tsirigotis 2014-01-31 9:28:02 AM
    his arrogant, ignorant, and condescending behaviour requires a huge dose of humility!

    i have absolutely no sympathy or empathy for this dude; does he think his sh.. don't stink or something???

    the only thing that makes him "different" is that he was lucky to get a much better paying job.-
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  • Susan 2014-01-31 9:34:19 AM
    There is power of life and death in the "tongue" you are responsible for your words whether verbal or written on paper or presented in social media. Judge not lest ye be judged!
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