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  • Are advisors letting down lottery winners?

    Lottery winners who suffer from “sudden wealth syndrome” lose most of their wealth within three years, a problem advisors have a very difficult time preventing.

  • Client philanthropy means big dollars... for advisors

    For those who think charitable giving is all about tax savings and nothing more — think again. Having a dialogue with your clients is increasingly good business.

  • CRM2: Two family office titans speak out – Part One

    Northland Wealth Management CEO Arthur Salzer and Pangea Private Family Offices CEO Declan Ramsaran talk turkey when it comes to CRM2. With our CRM2 issue out shortly, their remarks are timely and welcome.

  • Firms unite against bad advisors

    A case of a rogue advisor’s success in moving from firm to firm, even as regulators were closing in, is highlighting a need for communication between competitors.

  • Ponzi scheme traps investors with unusual promise

    The next time someone offers to sell you or your clients discounted pre-IPO shares, this story highlights why it's never a good idea.

  • MFDA decision presents a vexing problem

    A whopping $250,000 MFDA fine and permanent ban against a former advisor highlights the discrepancy between collecting in one province compared to all the rest.

  • Neglect this investment at your peril?

    Advisors may have thought it was a fad, but demand for a much-hyped investment class is finally stepping up to the plate, with growing indication it will dictate future client growth.

  • Managing client expectations: A pro’s view

    The bull market has to come to an end at some point. More than ever it’s important for advisors to keep client expectations in check says a veteran portfolio manager.

  • Who knew?

    The nominations are coming in fast and furious but where's your Young Guns?

  • Time to forget financial literacy

    Author takes exception to the financial services’ industry’s fascination with financial literacy. The focus, says this outspoken critic, should be on consumer protection. Is she right?