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  • Time to bring regulation under one roof?

    An unintended consequence of CRM2 could see advisors move their wealth management clients from mutual funds into segregated funds eliminating the need for MFDA, IIROC and OSC accountability.

  • Advisor: Bias exists with fee-base model

    All the heat’s on embedded commission guys, but one flat-fee advisor is pointing to the kind of damage an unscrupulous fee-based player can cause investors.

  • Advisor: Ban on trailer fees would reduce clients by 1/3

    Embedded-commission advisors could lose as much as a third of their book if trailers are banned by the OSC, wagers one industry vet, herself preparing for that kind of attrition.

  • Australia opt-in rule come to Canada?

    A key element of Australia’s disclosure model could – no, would -- harm Canadian advisors if adopted here.

  • Divorce: Who gets the advisor?

    Advisors too often deprive couples divorcing in their 60s the expert advice they need to disentangle finances, says one industry specialist, pointing to a looming crisis for the industry and, perhaps, the economy.

  • Counting the dollars and cents

    Advice-only advisors spend a majority of their time either meeting with clients or putting together financial plans yet a big part of their business lies behind the scenes.

  • Advisors abused client trust

    A former advisor is now admitting to IIROC that he broke the industry's cardinal rule, not once or twice, but three times.

  • Advisors all baby boomer'd out

    Advisors courting clients in the 60s and 70s may have lost sight of a real opportunity to grow their book of business, according to new research, tossing conventional thinking on its ear.

  • Advisors called out south of the border

    A number of consumer groups came down hard on the SEC last week delivering a tersely written letter to the chair of the U.S. securities regulator for failing to protect retail investors.

  • One of WPs Top 50 advisors wins big award in New York

    One of Canada’s top independent family offices took home the hardware last week winning a prestigious award at the 2015 Family Wealth Report Awards.